Monday, November 19, 2007

Nitro Surf Graphite

I picked up the 10' Nitro Surf Graphite from Sears at Ala Moana for $95. The pole is rated Med Hvy action (12-30 lb line). Model number is NS100MH, and the length is 10 feet.

Unfortunately there wasn't much information on this rod available on the web, so I'll have to do my own review after I try it out this week.

Nitro also produces another series of whipping rods called "seatech" as well as heavy action ulua poles in the 12'-13' range. I have heard many good things about the ulua poles, but I wanted to buy a good all around pole without spending a lot of money on a custom made rod. With the Nitro Surf 10', I can use this rod for almost anything from whipping for aweoweo or mempachi to light dunking for papio or smaller sized ulua.

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Aniceto said...

Nitro poles are really heavy duty,they withstand a lot of force and it last longer than my hawaiian Gold.