Friday, November 23, 2007

Aweoweo and Menpachi

Went out last night to try catch some redfish. We had originally planned to go fishing on the east side but the conditions were not right so we ended up fishing on the south shore close to home.

Jon brought up a Menpachi within the first 10 minutes of getting our lines in the water. He also brought up a decent size Aweoweo shortly after.

Sadly for me I wasn't able to bring up anything. Must be the fishing gods aren't happy with me.

However, I was pleased with the fact that my new Nitro rod was able to cast out decently far. If I had to guess, I was regularly throwing a 2 oz lead about 75 yards out. We were fishing from a cliff so that probably skewed the numbers a bit, but in general I was pleased with the distances I was getting.

It was moderately windy, the current was strong, and we were getting stuck on Oahu fairly often, so after a few hours we called it a night. Not a great night for fishing, but I was happy to just get out there to test my new gear. Hopefully I'll get a chance to break in my new gear and catch something our next time out.


Anonymous said...

No worries, we break da pole in soon...

Anonymous said...

try using a golfball! you can get it out further and have a better feel for the bottom and jig slowly. use lead when theres alot of moonlight. goodluck!